donderdag 25 april 2013

DisplayLED Pixel Depot.


displayLED’s has given any potential customers a chance to see inside its new showroom in Surrey called The Pixel Depot, which has been designed as a collection of LED video displays from a range of manufacturers.

The showroom provides LED products across market needs, providing a resource for AV rental companies, systems integrators, TV studios & broadcast media, digital advertising, shopping malls, sports and events venues, architectural applications and building design, galleries, theatres and conference and exhibition markets, as well as unique and creative applications.

The Pixel Depot showroom is also available for rental companies and designers to demonstrate options to potential clients, and as an educational resource and training facility.

“The Pixel Depot is a real help to designers and specifiers because it allows direct comparisons between displays of different resolution and construction; and it also has the space to show many imaginative, not to say wacky, variations on the LED theme, from video floors to bendy screens,” said Robert Simpson, founder director, Electrosonic. “The Pixel Depot is a great facility where a wide range of different LED products can be seen and compared in a relaxed and informal environment” added Dave Crump, CT UK.

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