maandag 8 april 2013

Flexible CST-01 ePaper Watch Screen From E Ink.

E Ink is of the companies that provide ePaper screens for Amazon Kindle and B&N NOOK. The company invests time and money to create flexible ePaper displays to be used in gadgets like watches or smartphones. Researchers try to create color e-ink based screen and until now they succeed tested color displays with 4096 colors. These screens couldn’t reproduce vivid colors and images looks dull and muted.

Back to CES the company presents one of the latest E Ink products – a watch with a flexible screen. CST-01 comes with a very thin design and is presented as a bracelet around the wrist. The watch has a standard e-ink display with 63 individual components. Because the display could be powered with a very low power, the battery is also very thin and small with a lower capacity compared with others batteries. For example with 10 minutes of battery charging the watch can be used for an entire month. Even is just a watch, in future the gadget could be enhanced with new features to became a small smartphone.

The price for CST-01 is ranges between $99 and $129 or more.

Flexible CST-01 ePaper Watch Screen
Flexible CST-01 ePaper Watch Screen

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