zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Biggest Indoor Mapping Event in Saudi Arabia.

U.K. projection specialist Projection Advertising announced that it recently staged the largest indoor video-mapping event in Saudi Arabia to promote the new Saudi city of Murooj Jeddah (translated as Jeddah Meadows).

According to the company, the 35-meter-wide-by-7-meter-tall (114.8 by 23 feet), 360-degree spectacular utilized three separate components, multiple projectors, 50 lighting fixtures, elaborate surround sound and an innovative, "magic" live element to create a unique 3D projection mapping experience on an 8,000 pixel canvas.

Staged on April 28 at the Leylaty (restaurant group) ballroom — the biggest such venue in Saudi Arabia — as part of a one-night gala to promote Murooj Jeddah (developed and built by infrastructure/construction company Sumou Real Estate in a 70/30 split with the Saudi government), the 5-minute in-door mapping spectacular took place in front of a huge audience, which included two Saudi Royal princes. The entire build and de-rig took place in less than 24 hours.

"This was one of the most challenging mapping productions we've delivered," said Tom Burch, London-based Projection Advertising managing director. "From the elaborate storyboards right through to the integrated projection and live elements, we delivered an event worthy of the new city of Murooj Jeddah — and one of the most complex and entertaining 3D-mapping shows staged anywhere in the world."

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