donderdag 2 mei 2013

Europe's largest digital screen.

The combined length of the two giant LED panels is almost equal to that of a Boeing 747, says One Outdoor

One Outdoor Media has unveiled what it claims is Europe's largest digital screen, located at junction 9 of the M6 in Walsall. The panels are 'almost the length of a Boeing 747' says One Outdoor, a subsidiary of digital signage manufacturer Elonex.

The site will target both northbound and soutbound traffic with 35 x 7.2m and 30 x 7.2m displays respectively, reaching 3.44 million travellers every fortnight. It can also be seen from nearby industrial and residential areas, making it 'one of the most prominent advertising sites in Europe'.
"We are thrilled to increase our portfolio of displays with this iconic site," comments One Outdoor managing director Christian Clayton. "We are poised to make a difference in outdoor advertising by leading the European market with large scale format screens to promote the UK and the business within."
Elonex chief executive Nick Smith adds: "This project is part of our 2013/2014 £14 million investment into a UK-wide roll-out of large-format premium advertising locations in regional cities across the country. The screen carries some unique technology developed in the UK by our dedicated research and design team."


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