donderdag 13 juni 2013

Real-Time Video Windmill.

TV One’s CORIOmaster mini processor allows for unprecedented video displays.
TV One’s CORIOmaster mini processor allows for unprecedented video displays.

TV One, a designer and manufacturer of video processing equipment, will exhibit at InfoComm 2013 an unprecedented display of real-time video manipulation with the new CORIOmaster mini.

The company's technological exhibit, coined the "Real-Time Video Windmill," features a rotating array of four 50-inch flat panel displays showing video that maintains a stable horizon even as the displays rotate 360 degrees in real time. Video sources will include live showroom floor video as well as compelling streaming media.
To showcase its full potential, the CORIOmaster mini will alternate between displaying a stable horizon while displays rotate, rotating video in sync with the displays or counter-rotating video in the opposite direction of the rotating displays. Critical in the delivery of clean video rotation and many other features of CORIOmaster mini is the product’s maximum video delay of two frames in any application or resolution.

"Manufacturers and software developers a have been trying for years to pull this off," said Sean Burke , president, Providence, R.I.-based Nortek Technology Solutions Group, TV One's parent company, "and we have accomplished it all in our new single RU CORIOmaster mini processor!"

TV One’s CORIOmaster technology has been developed to provide system designers with the power to create video display environments that were never before possible.

TV One will demonstrate the CORIO family at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, Fla., June 12-14.

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