dinsdag 14 januari 2014


The Simple Highly-Customizable Video Wall Solution That Can Display Multiple Streams of Real Time Video Content Directly from Your Cable Box, Camera and Local Network.

Creating the optimal video wall or digital signage display is easier than ever with the newly released SignWall-Pro from the California-based electronics manufacturer SmartAVI. The SignWall-Pro digital signage and video wall controller allows users to direct up to four HD video displays in highly customizable ways. Users can even employ multiple SignWall-Pro controller boxes to create displays that use as many as 16 screens to create a truly unique and seamless visual experience.

SignWall-Pro also adds an exciting new feature called Video Capture, allowing users to quickly and easily route HD video signals and even live camera feeds to the display on demand. This additional flexibility allows users to enhance their video content on the fly with live television feeds, DVDs and more direct messaging than ever before.

In addition to its powerful and highly customizable digital signage software, SmartAVI offers a wide variety of preconfigured templates for users who need a bright and beautiful video wall or digital signage solution that offers the simplicity of plug-and-play operation. SignWall-Pro makes it easy to include all kinds of media, including video, images, HTML 5 Widgets, RSS Feeds, scrolling text and more.

“This new product gives our customers incredible control over a video wall or digital signage installation in their businesses,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “With the live video input provided by the video capture feature, the possibilities and applications are virtually endless.”

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