donderdag 27 februari 2014

SportScheck flagship store in Munich: digital signage on all floors.

The SportScheck flagship store in downtown Munich ( Germany), boasts a whole range of superlatives, including 20,000 sports products, 400 brands and more than 10,000 square meters of retail space. netvico is a long-standing partner of Germany’s leading multi-channel sports retailer and was once again able to prove its high quality standards by providing digital solutions for this showcase store. More than 40 interactive and information media developed by netvico have been installed on the shop floor, from a 32” display screen to a 6-screen display wall and a space measuring more than 100 square meters in the entrance area. Working closely with the customer, netvico has developed and implemented the right concept for every situation. Numerous brand monitors can be found in each of the themed areas and there are also various display screens in the checkout areas. Corporate design-compliant pillars serve as digital floor guides at all of the escalators and elevators. The Interactive touch-screen club terminals are another highlight and anyone wishing to apply for a SportScheck membership card can do so on the interactive touch-screen club terminals. Displays simulating landscape views also hang in front of the treadmills used for running analyses.

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