maandag 3 maart 2014

Mercedes Class S Show in Shanghai.

This project was a huge event, involving more than 700 people (production, artists, technicians, workers). 45 days for the preparation, 4 days for the setup, 2 days for the reharseals and 2200 guests on the D Day. Gaƫl Picquet had to coordinate construction, light and sound for the stage area, cocktail areas, after party and a big outdoor display. On the stage, for the main show, he had also to look after video (more than 1240m2 of curved LED screens including a video floor), light (more than 300 lighting fixtures), sound (with an orchestra and 60 choirs), fly systems (6 giant holoscreens, 3 light ring, 1 LED screen of 34m x 11m), 7 aerial performers, 26 cars, 6 professional dancers, 160 mass choregraphy performers and a fragance diffusion in the audience area. An event can't be resume by numbers, but it give an idea of the size...

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