maandag 28 april 2014

Fos - A truly wearable, Bluetooth LED display system.

Funding Unsuccessful This project’s funding  ( $200,000 goal ) was not reached on .

The Urban Athlete

Staying active in a big city means rubbing shoulders with cars, buses, trains and wayward tourists. Bike lights are often ignored or stolen, and reflective tape and shoes only make you visible when light reflects off them. Accidents can happen in a crowded bike lane at dawn or when the sidewalk ends at dusk.
Fo̱s is a new paradigm in visibility. It's a Velcro®-lined fabric patch that contains a super-bright LED grid you can program through your phone, wirelessly. The LEDs' brightness will keep you visible and its video-stream capability will keep you noticed. You may not realize you're wearing it since it weighs less than a golf ball and feels like normal fabric.

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