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Konica Minolta Symfos flexible OLED lighting Panel.

Konica Minolta showcased their latest OLED lighting panels “Symfos” under the slogan:
Cradle of Light” a place where OLED lighting is born
The panels from Konica Minolta are astonishingly thin, light and flexible.
The flexible panels are produced with a plastic substrate, are only 0.35 mm thick or 1/5 of the thickness of existing glass panels. But the panels are not light they are ultra lightweight with 5 g (0.06 g/cm²).This panel can be bend with a radius of 10 mm! The flexibility revolutionize existing concepts of light sources and are new options for designers.
Konica Minolta has developed the worlds first flexible OLED lighting panels which color tuning. The Symfos panels has a layered structure that provides uniform light with color tuning free from granularity.
The company has big goals so they want to ramp up worlds first mass production line for plastic substrate flexible Organic light emitting diode Panel production in 2014. The roll to roll production method will start in fall 2014.
The new plant is a investment from about 70 million Euros and the location is 1221 Sunada, Gokurakuji, Chuo-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture. The company plans to produce 1 million panels Oled lighting panels on plastic substrate in white and color tunable per month.

Technical details

The white color panel has a dimension of 150x60mm, a thickness of 0.35 mm and weight only 5 gramm.
The color tunable panel has a dimension of 50x30mm, a thickness of 0.29 mm and weight 0.6 gramm.
Both can be bended in a radios of 10mm.
At the Light and Building 2014 the company showcased some demonstration Models:


The idea is that this flexible panel give a impression of the moment of a fledged birds leaving the nest.
DSCN0169 Konica Minolta Symfos flexible OLED lighting Panel


Irodoris features the flexible OLED lighting panels with color tunable function.


With 70-micron this is the world thinnest lighting panel, it is so light and thin that the OLED flat in the wind.
Check out the video!

Whisper Wind

Ingo Maurer showcase with the Whisper Wind a lamp with flexible

DSCN0175 Konica Minolta Symfos flexible OLED lighting Panel

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