maandag 5 mei 2014

David Beckham for H&M


The idea
H&M announced its underwear collaboration with David Beckham through a raunchy PR stunt on the White Cliffs of Dover, showing Becks modelling his new range of men’s briefs.

The canvas
We needed a famous landmark on a grand scale, so we used the White Cliffs of Dover, prompting a number of pun-tastic headlines from the nation’s red-tops.

The physics
We used three ultra-bright projectors to beam Becks’s image onto the cliff face, covering over 100 metres. We needed to time the photography carefully: too early and the projections wouldn’t pop against the Cliffs, too late and the spectacular scenery would be completely invisible. The perfect shot was taken just as the sun was setting.

The experience
The stunt generated nationwide coverage for H&M’s new range, including pieces from The Sun, The Metro, Vogue and The Mirror.

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