dinsdag 13 mei 2014

MicroTiles wall located in a dark and narrow entry corridor.

The Michigan State University Spartans are using Christie MicroTiles to promote its powerful men’s basketball program to potential recruits as well as current players and fans.


Integrated Design and BlueWater Technologies created the 30‘ wide by 5’ tall Christie MicroTiles visual display wall in a corridor of the Berkowitz Athletic Complex, home of Spartans basketball.
With athletic recruiting a highly competitive endeavor, the Spartans wanted something extra to bring the best prospects to their program.
The plan was to install a video wall – but not just any video wall – into the long, narrow corridor 20’ above the basketball court leading into the athletic complex. LCD flat panels were the first choice. but the school was concerned about the quality of the images that would show on the display – especially when viewed close up.

Located two feet off the floor and fitted into the wall, the Christie MicroTiles video wall is comprised of 110 tiles in a 22-unit wide by 5-units tall array and – using a Christie-designed pedestal – seamlessly blends into the architecture.
“The MicroTiles wall is located in a dark and narrow entry corridor that leads to a brightly lit rotunda,” says Harris. “One of our architects explained that the corridor was designed to replicate the feeling of a student athlete walking through the player’s tunnel into an arena. The vivid content on the MicroTiles wall draws your attention as you walk down the corridor that ends at a large trophy display in the rotunda. It is rather impressive.
“There is quite a lot of talk around campus about having to go see the new video wall at the Berkowitz complex. We’re also hearing that other MSU departments would like to have one, too.”
The school’s video production department produces a variety of branded content with one highlight being a line of past coaches that includes their history at the touch of a button while game days include satellite feeds and other MSU-branded content.

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