donderdag 3 juli 2014

Virtual Reality-Video Projection.

In 2014 Virtual Reality (VR) will be introduced to an undoubtedly fast growing group of users worldwide. With announced introductions of VR goggles like the Oculus Rift the consumer market will soon get acquainted with VR when using these goggles for playing video games in a more immersive way at home. Advanced full body motion tracking systems are even expanding the possibilities of VR when people are able to walk around or fly through a virtual world.

In anticipation of the coming period NuFormer, famous for its 3D video mapping projections, has connected Virtual Reality to video projection that can be mapped on anything. As a result, the VR experience of one to four people in a specific VR environment now can be shared with an audience. For example in front of a building where the projection content is projected on.

The viewers on that venue will be able to see the virtual environment that is similar to what the players see in their goggles while tracked in a VR environment. Maybe you even like to have your audience to have a spectacular overview of the VR world the players are in. This and much more can now be realized.
why isn't the rift pluged in ? : )

Reaction NuFormer = Good spot! The Oculus Rift is plugged into the Asus wavi for wireless HDMI & USB, using an external battery pack. However in this video the cables and equipment have been removed in post as this solution still looks a bit cumbersome and unattractive. Soon we will replace this setup with a smaller wireless solution which can be mounted onto the Rift itself (except for the battery pack, which you will still need to carry in your pocket).

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