vrijdag 15 augustus 2014

Constellations in the classoom.

Illuminating many museum planetariums around the world, Barco projectors are now being integrated into an ultra-compact, portable digital planetarium system called the “Digitarium® Iota.” Designed to bring astronomy education to schools, the complete digital planetarium is lightweight and powerful, enabling a single person to transport, set up, and present.

Created by Digitalis Education Solutions, the Iota is quite possibly the smallest, commercially available, complete digital planetarium system in the world. The Iota combines a high-resolution Barco DLP projector, proprietary Digitalis fisheye lens, and control computer in one compact package. From the time you open the transit case to projecting the sky takes only about two minutes!  Click here to learn more.

See Barco-powered planetariums around the world!
Star-gazing can be as much fun indoors as out, so visit a planetarium and enjoy a great escape from a hot summer day!  Check out these public planetariums featuring Barco projection: SCISS PlanetariumGates PlanetariumPlanetarium of the Royal Observatory of BelgiumInagawa dome planetariumYaizu City Planetarium, and Rio de Janeiro Planetarium Foundation, just to name a few!

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