woensdag 17 september 2014

From small radio manufacturer to global technology leader: Barco turns 80.

‘Your family’s essential friend’: with that baseline, Lucien Depuydt tried to sell the radios that he manufactured in his workshop, in the Belgian town of Poperinge. The small company that he founded in 1934 is now a worldwide technology leader that delivers visualization solutions to professional markets around the world.

The past 80 years have been a journey with ups and downs, with new markets and products and with new people paving the way for our future. One thing is for sure: every single year has been an exciting one.
While Depuydt considered his radios essential for families, today’s Barco solutions are crucial for radiologists to make quick, accurate and confident diagnoses and for traffic operators to keep the roads safe. They help the entertainment sector to wow their audiences and businessmen to collaborate and meet efficiently.

A constant quest for innovation
The secret to Barco’s growth and diversification? The technological boldness and openness to new ideas of Depuydt who, in the 1930s and 1940s, often travelled to the United States to discover the latest technologies, has remained one of Barco’s core values. Through the years, we have always ‘led by innovation’, developing groundbreaking products for new applications, in different market niches. Just like Lucien Depuydt did in Barco’s pioneering days … He’d surely be delighted to see how his ‘Belgian American Radio Corporation’ (Barco) has become the global market leader it is today!

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