vrijdag 19 december 2014

Digital signage lands at New Zealand's largest airport.

Bron; www.digitalsignagetoday.com

New Zealand's largest airport is flying the digital signage skies, targeting the 15 million travelers who fly in and out of Auckland Airport each year, and the 38 million people travelling through the airport corridor annually.

The deployment by out-of-home advertising firm APN Outdoor comprises a mixture of landscape, portrait, video wall and 4K screens (totaling 72 displays) all powered by AerWave software from Aerva, according to an announcement today from Aerva.

The new high-resolution digital screens in the International and Domestic terminals advertise high-profile brands such as Huawei, Steinlager Pure, Skoda, Cigna, Tourism Asia, Vodafone and Corona. And APN Outdoor's LED digital billboards at the airport are New Zealand's largest. Aerva's reseller in New Zealand, Ngage Media, provided the Aerva software configuration and content scheduling to APN Outdoor's requirements.

"Airport travelers are a unique audience requiring a specific strategy to engage them in the right way and at the right time," Aerva CEO Sanjay Manandhar said in an email to Digital Signage Today. "Particularly in airports, special consideration needs to be taken into account for where your audience is, because each location — domestic or international, air side or ground side, duty-free merchandizing or baggage claim — can have your audience in a different frame of mind and engaging with screens in a different way.

"For instance, the Food Court and Passport Control areas are going to have completely different goals and content requirements. As a result, different areas of the airport will have different best practices and challenges for communicating with the audience in the right context".

So the system platform allows for a wide variety of content formats, can power virtually any kind of screen and is very versatile, he said.

 "This flexibility allows APNO to precisely fit the screen that was installed to the content best suited for that airport location, to the travelers' experience at each location, so there is complete alignment," he said. The result is a network of 72 screens showing content uniquely selected for the audience each is serving throughout the airport."

All APN Outdoor digital campaigns will be managed locally by specially trained content managers from APN Outdoor's Parnell, New Zealand, office.

"Digital-out-of-home is a $15 billion industry and growing at 23 percent per annum," Ngage Director Alan Nicholas said in the announcement. "Digital signage, mobile and Wi-Fi will be the key methods advertisers use to communicate to the market. Billboards will feed you personalized information, make decisions on what to display according to who is looking at it — and will identify viewers by the mobile device in your pocket."

All parties involved in airport advertising are going to benefit from the new network of digital signage screens at Auckland Airport, Manandhar told Digital Signage Today.

"For brands, the most important function of OOH advertising is consumer engagement," he said. "With APNO's new network powered by Aerva, brands can use mobile interactivity and the integration of social and user-generated content to allow travelers to participate in their campaigns from their mobile devices at the airport. Consumers can interact through the sharing of photos, tweets, videos and other mobile-enabled technologies with the campaigns as they happen.

"Allowing the traveller to participate in the brands' campaigns through these mobile channels is tremendously engaging and extends the reach of these campaigns well beyond the confines of the airport itself."

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