donderdag 25 december 2014

Projection on Ice.

It’s that time of year where our minds turn to other things: like ice hockey. You might not give a puck but millions cherish the winter sport.
And if you are in pro AV, you’ll cherish the opportunities that come with ice hockey stadiums.
For an example, we’ve chosen the New Jersey Devils because Lord knows they are not playing well and they need the help.
Their Prudential Center arena unveiled a newly-installed 3D projection imaging system. Devils management says their NHL team is the first in the U.S. to permanently install the technology. And it cost them more than $1 million….
“Watching this for the first time is really hard to explain…you have to think of the first time you saw an IMAX movie, or went to Disney, or saw one of the 360-degree screens,” says Hugh Weber, the team’s President of Business Operations.
We could tell you more about the show, but it’s easier for you to watch the video (link below).
Devils management worked with Quince Imaging to install twelve 26,000-lumen projectors in the Prudential Center during the off-season.
NHL fans may have seen Quince’s work before. The company has done one-time special event displays at other sports arenas, including a pre-game show at a Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup playoff game (see the link below).
Devils management says it's hoping the technology at every home game will draw people to their Newark, NJ arena. The technology will eventually be used during period breaks and for special events, but the focus right now is on pre-game entertainment.
That sums up a crystal-clear sports philosophy for New Jersey: If you can’t beat ’em, best entertain them.

Go NJ Devils Add Projection Technology

Watch Ice Hockey Projections Montreal Canadiens Style


The New Jersey Devils show off their new 3D on-ice projection system with an amazing show before their home opener on 10/18/14.

Bron; rAVe EUROPE.

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