maandag 9 maart 2015

An Immersive Spherical Projection Theater for Dubai 360.
Breathtaking views from a rarely seen perspective are on show to the public at the world’s largest interactive virtual city tour. The city comes alive within a sphere presented by Dubai 360, a website that offers panoramic views. Dubai Mall shoppers can step inside a giant ball in the Star Atrium, walk along a suspended footbridge to the centre of the ball, and experience a fast-paced six-minute film of Dubai shot in 360 degrees. The installation is a 15-metre diameter spherical projection theatre, built by San Francisco company Obscura Digital. Open for public viewing for free, visitors to the Sphere will witness cutting-edge technology from the moment they step inside. Powered by 18 projectors running simultaneously, the dome-surround projections show iconic locations such as Burj Khalifa and The Palm Jumeirah in a way never seen before. The launch of Dubai 360 has established new standards for how people experience a city. The Sphere is another extension of that experience. The basic idea was to create a physical space where we take the high-quality, panoramic content from the Dubai 360 website and present it in a unique way, to offer a fully immersive journey. Dubai 360 is the first virtual city tour that uses fully interactive and immersive 360-degree panoramic photo, time-lapse and video content.

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