dinsdag 10 maart 2015

Gigantic Dome of Love.

I got this art project offer & asked 4 projectors to surround the thing (by David Dar projections). 
amazingly - i had only 30mins for setup to do proper mapping incl. creating a connection between each 2 & trying to do so in the middle of an ongoing party was a big challenge.
so i took a big breath & I trusted my senses and almost blindly did the mapping (running to the other projectors angles to see if i matched it - whoofff...).
I was so lucky & somehow got it on the 3rd try! the gods must have wanted to see it badly... smile-emoticon cause it was suddenly perfect! & using the latest artificially awake "displace" loops was spot on!
All in all - Mapping & Vjing on the planetarium was a dream come true... 

[Monochrome party, Purim israel 2015]

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