woensdag 29 april 2015

Blimping over Cheltenham Festival.

Bron; www.avinteractive.com

CORAL unveiled a digital blimp above Cheltenham Festival, broadcasting live odds and race results whilst also delivering a live aerial feed to Channel 4.

The betting company took over the sky at the recent Cheltenham Festival, having tethered a 20m blimp 500ft above Cheltenham Racecourse with screens serving live odds. The Coral Digital Blimp, created by innovations agency CURB in partnership with Aerial Camera Systems, could be seen for more than 10 miles around the racecourse. It sported 6m x 1.2m LED screen on both sides, broadcasting live odds and race results in realtime. Broadcaster Channel 4 took a live aerial feed from the blimp which used a new lightweight flexible screen technology. Called FlexLED, this allowed digital screens capable of showing realtime content to be wrapped around everything from buildings to hot air balloons. The result is large format and high resolution digital screens of any shape and size, which can be placed anywhere.

The digital blimp is the first of a number of digital aircraft and building wraps being developed in 2015 by CURB Media, with a fully wrapped digital blimp scheduled to fly later this year.

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