donderdag 30 april 2015

Generative visualized data at Rome Diesel Flagship store.

Apparel retailer Diesel opened a flagship store in Rome last fall that included an entry area dominated by an immersive video wall running content from a German digital artist.

The abstract digital display, reports GDR UK“draws from geographical data taken from maps of Rome. Its colour, growth and movement is based upon the use of #rome and #POSTroma across online sites.”

“Each time the hashtags are used on Twitter, a unique response will be displayed in-store. A screenshot of that in-store digital display is then sent in real-time to the person who tweeted.”

“A specially programmed algorithm created by Fischer generates a haiku poem and a striking screenshot of the in-store visual display in real-time, both of which are delivered directly to the Twitter account of each interacting individual.”

 The installation ran for three months.

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  1. This looks absolutely amazing! It looks so real, I can't even believe that it is a video wall. I think the only time I saw something amazing like that was at one company fair in Austria where the company presented its products, among which its video walls. It was really impressive.