dinsdag 28 april 2015

LG Electronics Actively Release 55 inch UHD OLED TV, Begins Intense Competition with UHD LCD.

LG Electronics’ 55 inch UHD curved OLED TV, soon to be released, have been revealed on USA’s Amazon.com (www.amazon.com) in the 3rd week of April for the first time. With the price of US$ 5,499, it is US$ 3,500 lower than 65 inch UHD curved OLED TV (US$ 8,999), and US$ 1,500 higher than Samsung Electronics’ equivalent 55 inch curved SUHD TV (US$ 3,998).

Comparing LG Elec.’s 55 inch curved FHD OLED TV and 55/65 inch curved UHD OLED TV with Samsung’s equivalent LED TV and SUHD TV in terms of price on Amazon.com in the 3rd week of April, the price difference are shown to be approx. US$ 1,100 for 55 inch FHD, US$ 1,500 in 55 inch UHD, and US$ 4,000 for 65 inch UHD.

The release price for this 55 inch UHD curved OLED TV is more reasonable than previously released models and future market for next generation TV is expected to be fierce; 55 inch FHD curved OLED TV was released at US$ 15,000, and 65 inch UHD curved OLED TV was at US$ 12,000, which were more than twice the price of LCD TV of equal specification.

As the price of FHD curved OLED TV is falling by approx. 60% annually since its release, UBI Research’s White OLED Display Annual Report (published on April 15) forecast that UHD curved OLED TV will be able to compete with Samsung’s SUHD TV in terms of price if they can achieve FHD OLED TV level of yield.

On the other hand, during the 1st OLED KOREA Conference, LG Display revealed that FHD OLED TV panel yield rate exceeded 80% and that they are aiming for 80% of yield for UHD OLED TV panel by the end of 2015.

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