woensdag 22 april 2015

OUCHHH Video Mapping Reel.

OUCHHH is an Istanbul-based independent design studio with cross-discipline expertise in graphic design, digital and motion graphics and sound design. A multidisciplinary creative hub focused on new media platforms, offering direction and art direction and also producing video mapping projections. Skilled in animation, design, illustration, 3D, 2D, interactivity, interaction and live-action -and seamlessly combining some or all of these- OUCHHH consider each project as a challenge and takes a fresh and unique approach to each other.

Here comes the wide-opened reel where a lot of great projects were combined. It’s hard to say, are they all different in the approach to realization. But all of them are truly professional and dedicated to their passion in new media sphere. And the lack of information about OUCHHH makes them more attractive…

OUCHHH has partnerships in Barcelona and Munich and also collaborate with different teams nationally and internationally.

Specialties: Animation, Motion Graphics, 3d Projection Mapping, A/V Performance, Interaction Design.

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