vrijdag 24 april 2015

Rise of New York Skyline.

In the new World Trade Center in New York, visitors to the vantage Observatory experience in the future a special elevator ride to the floor 102. As soon as the doors close on the ground and start climbing up, LCD screens take over. The digital displays create a view outside of Manhattan Iceland. The highlight: The journey begins in 1500 in the open, without development and results in fast motion through the development of the city until 2014, the date of the completion of the new World Trade Center. Even the familiar pinstripe look of the old building is part of the trip. One of the Twin Towers appeared in historical context on the screen and disappears again in 2001.

Nine 75 "HD LCD displays provide the illusion. Webs, which seem like window crosses, reinforce the impression in a glass elevator with open views to go outside.

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