donderdag 28 mei 2015

Interactive AppStore for retail and Digital-Out-of-Home at NEC Showcase.

DOOHapps is the world’s first Interactive AppStore for retail and Digital-Out-of-Home. Frederik De Wachter, founder and Marketer, explains how DOOHapps brings interactivity in one place, easy to understand and setup. As a result, your displays turn smart for a mature interactive advertising channel.

DOOHapps  that attract and convert consumers for outdoor advertising, shopping, entertainment and information purposes. Via a web-interface you easily personalize your media, run the campaign and follow up your reporting

DOOHapps Golden Village installs first interactive cinema lobby video wall in South-East Asia.

Golden Village installs first Asian interactive application wall Golden Village is showing off a large video wall with interactive applications at its headquarters in Singapore. Visitors can interact with a number of applications on a giant 4 x 3...

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