dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Choreography of LED screens at shipping containers.

The opening of the ATM Terminals Maasvlakte II by King Willem-Alexander, had a special choreography by huge LED screens on moving containers. Thanks to BlackTrax real-motion tracking.

The opening on April 25 of the world's safest and first fully automated, zero-emission container by King Willem-Alexander and 500 senior representatives from various governments and the global shipping industry, had to be something special.
Ever wanted to know how to track moving shipping containers fitted with LED‬‪ videowalls‬ in broad daylight? Ushering in a new era in port operations at APM Terminals, Jurlights working for BIND used ‪ BlackTrax‬ integrated with d3!
“The only way to accurately track the Lift-Automated Guide Vehicles (AGV) across the 400 by 200-ft area was by using BlackTrax,” explains Menno Broere, Creative Director at Jurlights.

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