dinsdag 9 juni 2015

Digital door signs can look better.

Keywest meeting room digital signage

While advertising screens get bigger, flashier and more interactive, the apparently humble digital door sign seems to have languished in the 1990s.

But U.S. supplier Keywest Technology is trying to inject some much-needed glamour into the functional meeting-room medium with its new SignWave system.

The SignWave features a larger, higher-resolution LCD display, now upped from ten to 13.3 inches across, with 1280x800 resolution and 500:1 contrast ratio.

The operating system is now Android 4.2, chosen for stability, while the SignWave offers quicker installation thanks to features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning that just one connecting cable is needed for the unit.

And adding to the visual impact, there is also a range of new frames in a choice of colours to blend with different interior designs.

The aim was “to substantially decrease installation time, improve security and increase display attractiveness and visibility”, said Koytt Nichols, Keywest’s director of R&D.

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