dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Nanolumens transforms shopping mall atrium.

Source www.avinteractive.com

A three-story tall open space situated in the busiest part of the largest shopping mall in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia might be called an “atrium” by some, but Eureka Funds Management, owner of the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, understood that the space could become a revenue-generating 21st Century advertising medium, provided they could find the right visualisation partner to put their plan into action.

They found that partner in manufacturer and marketer of visualisation solutions, NanoLumens.

“The Indooroopilly Shopping Center has recently undergone a major renovation,” explained Rachele Godridge, asset manager at Eureka Funds Management.  “As a result, it is now the largest shopping centre in the western suburbs of Brisbane.”

Godridge and her mall management team at Indooroopilly Business Partnerships (IBP) understood the revenue generating potential of a large visualisation solution that could be hung in the centre of the three-story atrium area. IBP’s mission is to create exciting opportunities for the centre’s retail partners to communicate their sales message in ways that generate immediate feedback.

The team strives to provide its retail partners with distinct advertising and marketing programs that influence their purchase path while they’re in the mall.

The design of the Indooroopilly Shopping Center runs along straight lines, which means that the right visualisation solution can be seen from virtually every angle of approach by every shopper in the mall.

Godridge worked with Digital Place Solutions to create a design that would galvanize the attention of shoppers, providing an advertising medium that would help retail partners communicate directly with their customers.

As the principles of the Australian digital display and place based media consultancy, Stephen Rubie and Gerry Thorley are experienced in helping proactive clients to gain a competitive edge through the design of customer engagement solutions that stand out from the crowd of traditional digital signage.

“We knew from the start that NanoLumens could imagine and execute a compelling, revenue-generating solution that was also cost-effective, space-efficient and eco-friendly,” Rubie explained.

That solution is now suspended in the centre of the massive atrium area located in the northern end of the mall.  The IBP team was challenged with a large atrium space and a very limited weight capacity loading in the ceiling to hang a display.  The NanoLumens visualisation solution provided the perfect mix of high resolution, high impact LED display with a very lightweight and ultra-slim profile to meet the aesthetic objectives of the mall.

The attributes of the NanoLumens solution made it possible for the mall to select an appropriately sized display for the atrium without requiring any structural support works to be carried out in the ceiling. The installation process was made simple with the display being partially fabricated in sections on the floor of the mall with each piece lifted into place with a portable mini crane.

The 6mm pixel pitch double-sided digital banner measures 7mX4m (23’X13’), is 160mm (6.5”) thick, weighs less than 1,500kg installed and draws less power than a typical vacuum cleaner.

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