donderdag 27 augustus 2015

The Salford Arch.

Set to further transform the Digital Outdoor landscape in Manchester, outdoor advertising company JCDecaux, has launched The Salford Arch – an iconic, digital advertising superstructure that stretches across six lanes of traffic at one of Manchester’s busiest arterial junctions.

One of JCDecaux’s largest roadside digital screens with on average 1.2 million impacts every week (DFT), this double-sided landmark location will be launched by FIAT, Sky, Samsung, JD Sports and Orangina.

The Salford Arch will complement JCDecaux’s Digital Outdoor presence in Manchester, alongside the digitised The Trafford Arch and The Trafford Tower. The Salford Arch will also become part of JCDecaux’s newly formed The Gateways – a nationwide network of premium Out-of-Home locations along key arterial routes that welcome audiences into major UK cities, such as: London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol.

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