donderdag 10 september 2015

The facade of the hotel Jardins WZ in Brazil reacts to sounds and the air quality.

Sensors and Led technology integrate with brick, glass and concrete Hotel WZ Jardins in Sao Paulo to provide an interactive experience, called The Light Creature, allowing its facade to react and change color to the sounds of the environment and the quality of the air.

Guto Requena The Light Creature

One of the last projects of the Brazilian study Guto Requena He has been in the hotel WZ Jardins in Sao Paulo. Under the name of 'The Light Creature', it has set up the facade of this 30-storey building of lighting that allows it to be visible both day and night, but really, the most spectacular of the project is that this is changing and responding to their interaction with the environment sounds that occur, getting to visually transform architecture.

So that these changes have been installed in the facade, integrated with the brick, glass and concrete, a full set of technologies with sensors, chips, microcontrollers and led strips seeking interaction with building so that it reacts to sounds and the air quality changes.
The WZ Jardins hotel was built in the 70's and, recently, the façade was rebuilt by Guto Requena creating an urban artwork that responds to a projector of research that explores the Hacked City and that seeks to create changes in the cities, public spaces and architecture.

Guto Requena The Light Creature

This urban camouflage is designed from an analysis of environmental noise through the use of parametric software Grasshopper. The result is a visual reflection of the acoustic landscape of the iconic Avenida Rebouças in São Paulo.

The façade shows two different environments: one day and one night. In the daylight, it shows like a metallic skin coating that creates a pixelated in blue, grey and gold; and at night it illuminates with interactive patterns of light, thanks to the 200 Led lighting strips that have been installed.

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