donderdag 22 oktober 2015

The Moomin Shop - Helsinki / Finland

People of all ages love the Moomins created by Tove and Lars Jansson. They are internationally recognized as having a unique artistic and literary dimension. The books feature trolls and a vast gallery of other non-human characters, each one reflecting a specific human type, living a secluded life in the midst of disasters such as floods, storms and comets. The many adventures and subsequent resolutions stress important family values and individual qualities of kindness, self-confidence and independence.

In a Moomin Shop, beloved characters and their stories are brought alive with an interactive wall. By touching the display wall, children and their parents can study different Moomin characters, color them, watch the Moomin videos, see available Moomin products as well as learn more about Tove Jansson and her works. The world of stories opening with a touch mesmerizes visitors of all age, old fans and new Moomin friends alike.

Concept by: Bond and Interior Architecture Office Carola Rytsölä
Application by: MultiTaction
Copyrights by: Moomin Characters
Products: MultiTaction Cell 55” Ultra-Thin Bezel MT553UTB
Number of displays: 2
Set-up: wall
Location: Moomin Shop, Helsinki, Finland

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