vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

The Waiting Wall.

Free The Trees are pleased to be part of the 'Brighton Digital Festival 2015' with a digital arts project named 'The Waiting Wall'.
Inspired by the book Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton, 'The Waiting Wall', referencing commuters' experiences, is an electronic display of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, "that would anonymously broadcast our inner woes," thereby reminding us that "we are none of us alone in the extent of our troubles and lamentations."

It’s often when waiting, for something or someone, that there is the time to reflect. That can be uncomfortable or it can be a blessing: a break from rushing around where we are never quite alone with our thoughts.

Inspired by the author Alain de Botton's secular version of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall (where for centuries, Jews have prayed), The Waiting Wall allows you to anonymously share your hopes, problems and confessions.

Share them with the wall so we can all realise that none of us are alone in our own world of problems.

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