zaterdag 7 november 2015

VR Project - Roller Coaster In The Shopping Mall - 4 Player Experience

Virtual reality based roller coaster experiences are the most widely known examples of the concept. There are some demos that you can download and try with oculus rift headsets. In Codemodeon we wanted to create a unique roller coaster experience. In collaboration with Cevahir Shopping Mall in Istanbul, we started a virtual reality project from scratch. We 3D modelled whole shopping mall by using architectural drawings. Then we designed a thrilling roller coaster ride which travels inside the 3D model of Cevahir. To improve the excitement and fun we added some details along the path. Crashing through the glasses, watching drones fly above you carrying the logo of Cevahir are the examples of those funny details. At the center of the base level of the shopping mall, a large roller coaster decoration is constructed. A 3x3 video wall is placed behind the decoration to attract people and let them watch the experience. Codemodeon is an Istanbul based creative technology company specializing in game development, virtual reality, installation-based experiences and human computer interaction.

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