dinsdag 29 december 2015

BMW 7 Series Launch, 2015.

Russian d3 users Dream Laser have created another stunning projection show with the launch of the BMW 7 Series.

When the new luxury BMW 7 Series launched in Russia recently Dream Laser showcased the sleek vehicle with a dynamic 3D mapping presentation driven by d3 Technologies’ 4×2pro.

Nizhy Novgorod-based Dream Laser creates multimedia laser shows and 3D mapping for a wide range of clients. The BMW 7 Series project was commissioned by TransTechService; it was staged in showrooms in three cities across Russia. In 2014 Dream Laser deployed a d3 4×2pro for a 3D mapping presentation for the BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle.

The BMW 7 Series presentation began in darkness when tiny swirling points of light revealed an outline of the vehicle. CGI drapery was pulled back to uncover sleek, shiny surfaces mapped with flow lines, changing vehicle colours, speeding reflections and lights – all choreographed to a high-energy music track. When the house lights came up a presenter discussed the attributes of the new car.

“The main objective of the show was to focus the guests on the car’s uniqueness, exclusivity and luxury,” says Dream Laser project manager Evgeniy Stepanov. “The audience was impressed!”

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