donderdag 10 december 2015

Football Temple.

Directly at the main station in Dortmund radiates since the end of October, the German Football Museum with its media façade. Inside it comes to 7,700 square meters to all facets of German football history. The permanent exhibition on two levels has staged interactive and multimedia with its more than 1,600 exhibits. These include a multivision on the history of German football, the treasury with the most valuable trophies of the national team as well as the Hall of Fame for the big German player and coach. Mercedes returned to the original current bus of the national team, a special exhibit: Visitors can take on the seats of the National Player Position and views with interactive formats behind the scenes of the national team. The multi-purpose arena, including play area and a wide cultural program to round the offer.

The 60 square meter LED facade on the front side of the house shows moving images of historic matches. In addition, co-sponsor Sky helps the museum to the content shown LED exterior wall with program content of its sports channel.
  This museum commemorates the 2006 World Cup in their own country, was initiated by the German Football Association. For the exhibition concept with its five areas, the communication agency Triad is responsible.

Deutsche Fußball-Museum (3 Jahre Bauzeit, 36 Mio. Euro, 3000 qm, 1600 Exponate).

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