woensdag 23 december 2015

Kompas Wayfinding.

The company dimedis from Cologne offers interactive digital signage solutions for shopping malls aimed at improving customer communication and loyalty in the form of “kompas wayfinding” – a digital guiding system based on digital signage columns. Customers can use these to find the shop they are looking for. They start the search by touching the screen, either using a cloud featuring shop logos, or via the onscreen keyboard. Here customers enter the name of the shop they are looking for or the names of particular items such as shoes or – even more general – refreshments. The route from the current location to the chosen destination is then calculated dynamically.

The system also documents anonymously all the users’ actions and searches, providing valuable information on customer behaviour in the process. The dimedis guiding system is also used at trade fairs, helping visitors to find their way around and providing them with additional information such as event times, timetables and weather information. In this video Ibrahim Mazari, Head of PR/Communication at dimedis presents the functions of “kompas wayfinding”.

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