maandag 29 februari 2016


S group retail chain research about profitability: Catching the attention with screens S group, a retail and service network with over 1600 outlets, carried out a research in 2013 about the attention value of digital screens. The research was done in co-operation with FirstView and TeknoVision.

TeknoVision movement cameras that measure dwell time were installed above a product shelf of Prisma It√§harju (supermarket) for two weeks. A 42-inch horizontal digital signage screen was installed in to the shelf end right next to the product. Underneath the screen were barbeque grills on display. During the first week there wasn’t any material playing on the screen. During the second week a picture and a price of the grill was displayed on the screen. The price was the same both weeks and it was the product’s normal price (not a special offer).

The dwell time of customers passing by the shelf (product) was measured with cameras. Here's what the activity towards the product looked like without the advertisement on screen and with the ad screen:

The purple line indicates the results of the first week. Green line indicates the results of the second week when the digital signage screen was in use.

Naturally the final decision of purchase is affected with several matters, from the price of the product to the appearance, features, and even packaging. A new barbeque grill isn’t on the shopping list of every customer. As the research show at best 5, 5 % of all customers were even the slightest bit interested in grills at all.

Nevertheless the interest towards the product clearly increased by advertising it on digital signage screen and that is what we wanted to know.

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