maandag 22 februari 2016

Inside Samsung 837: Samsung's first North American flagship.

Samsung 837, the Korean giant's first flagship retail space opens on Monday in New York City.

Located at 837 Washington Street in the Meatpacking District, the 55,000 square-foot space isn't your typical retail store. In fact, it's not a store at all.

Not a store Samsung 837 is might be Samsung's flagship retail space, but it is not a store. Other than food, you can't actually buy anything in the space.

Another unique aspect of the space is the Selfie Station. Users are invited to take a photo of themselves with a Samsung smartphone. A few seconds later, that photo is projected onto "The Screen" for everyone to see. Even cooler, the selfie itself is comprised of thousands of other photos, creating a pointillisy effect.

I won't lie. Seeing my smirk projected across three stories of screens was cool.

But the coolest part of Samsung 837 has to be the VR Tunnel. Featuring an installation from Black Egg & Kenzo Digital, the VR Tunnel is comprised of mirrors and screens across the entire chamber.

Before you enter the tunnel, you're instructed to enter in your Instagram handle. Then you walk through a tunnel where all of your photos, hashtags and Instagram descriptions are projected against screens that literally cover the entire space. The floor and ceiling are mirrored, giving off a truly sci-fi effect.

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