zondag 7 februari 2016

Poalim Digital.

At ' Poalim-Digital' project, VISUALED has been chosen to define and execute a one of its kind multimedia concept in Israel & worldwide. The company has been in charge on every stage of the project including defining & implementing different types of powerful digital displays with different technologies, integration of synchronized content systems with a unique audio solution, planning and manufacturing facilities that provide easy maintenance and uncompromised architecture. The project has also included characterizing and programming information interfaces as well as designing, planning and producing the content in a non-conventional resolution to provide intuitive accessibility to the bank services. The digital branches will provide an ensemble of the digital self-service banking with the use of the world's most advanced technological, interactive and visual assistance.

Our creative team have been working in full cooperation with 'Poalim' marketing & technological divisions in order to reach a unique concept which will fulfill the vision of the bank's CEO. The concept formation has included balance between the need to get a functional and intuitive project that will answer the project goals and the need of leading the bank into a technological front.

Our studio has brought the designs to the next level with the collaboration with one of the best branding companies in Israel " Baruch Nae", which formulated a strong conceptual shell for Visualed's concept. Our studio resuscitated the designs with the help of the animation department which was responsible of creating 3d models that were used in different contents.

Visualed will manage & broadcast the content through the 'C-Nario', a digital signage management system developed by YCD Multimedia, which will be presented at the bank's digital branches, while the first one has opened this month (November 2015), on Iben Gvirol,Tel-aviv. Those branches will offer to the digital customers a wide range of advanced technological services as suitable to the "digital revolution" which 'Poalim' leads to. the interactive screens will present the digital bank services and the entire information that a digital client needs to know through an online experience.

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