dinsdag 1 maart 2016

The World's biggest iPhone.

Check out the new Giant iPhone for turning heads and getting customers to interact and engage.

If you are in events or marketing then come to CONFEX and see how this ground breaking tech will work for you. A fully functioning iPhone on a Giant scale, which means you can present and share all your digital content in a format which everyone is used to.

The Giant iTab runs on both iOS and Android, which means it perfectly displays all mobile optimised content and shows apps in their native environment exactly as they would appear on your handheld device. The perfect solution for Event Professionals, AV rental companies, App developers and any business pushing mobile and digital engagement.

Confex visitors will also get a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released iTab Core, a game changer which turns ANY touchscreen TV into a big smartphone. This new 'Plug and Play' micro PC adds new capabilities to your existing technology or AV rental fleet and will be available through Giant iTab and their network of worldwide partners.


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