zondag 27 maart 2016


Masterdamus visual live act featuring Dorian Natan VJ Masterdamus & Hagay Rasad VJ Craft @ UNITY Festival Israel Trilogy Purim festival Israel 2016. Here's a playlist of all VJ sessions - a giant mapping projection on a painted face as the stage. What Pleasure! it's worth clicking that HD button & check out all 5 clips, so we made a short playlist for you (7 mins total showing many different situations & styles) So - brave & patient ones - Sit back, Pump up the volume & enjoy this Psychedelic & Artistic RIDE!

Some credits for the amazing people that made this dream come true: - Stage design & painting by: Alon Deco - Stage, Sound & Light by: VIBE - Sound & Lighting - Light Design by: Ivan Lebedev (GINGI) L.I. - 15k ansi Christie Projector by: Videodar David - & Many more i probably forgot. But thank you All!

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