dinsdag 5 april 2016

Finalists for the Best Retail & Dooh project.

With the InstallAwards 2016 less than three months away, we’re pleased to announce the list of finalists for the categories;

Best Retail & DOOH Project
• Brioni’s MIROR – Sharp, CLX Europe

A Brioni flagship store in Milan - if you happen to be in need of a suit, the store's new virtual mirror is worth buying a ticket to Italy for. -.

The Brioni Miror is a new suiting technology that features a personalized made to measure feature that helps its clientele virtually visualize thousands of fabric and color choices on a virtual mannequin. The Brioni Miror is being introduced in three stages. For now, consumers are able to browse virtual looks, but by next year, customers will be able to build multi-purpose wardrobes. By 2017, it's anticipated that Brioni shoppers will be able to look in an actual digital mirror and see themselves modeling the suits, with fabrics and patterns rendered in HD.

Discover more on brioni.com

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