donderdag 7 april 2016

LED there be light !

This production by project lighthouse won the Wild Competition @ Revision Easterparty 2016 in Saarbrücken, Germany! Thanks!

At Kiel University, we setup a system of approx. 57.000 single LEDs in 392 windows (14 floors, 28 single windows per floor). Each single window carries its own, network-addressable LED-Bar (70 cm, carrying 144 LEDs each). Our students from the Department of Computer Science developed everything from scratch: Prototyping, Hardware (LED-Bars, Controllers etc.), Software (Server, Tool-Infrastructure etc.). And an API! We love LEDs.

Although we are still not them - Greetings to the guys from #blinkenlights for creating the original idea and inspiring us. Our hearts (digital and analogue) are with you guys.

Reach us: lighthouse (-at-)

60 Jubilee of Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

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