donderdag 19 mei 2016

Blood Donors.

NHS Blood and Transplant this week launched a new digital out of home campaign to highlight the life-saving power of blood donation.

The campaign, one of the winners of Ocean Outdoor’s annual digital out of home competition, uses innovative augmented reality technology to encourage the public to offer a virtual blood donation via an iphone.

Created by creative agency 23red, ’See the power of blood donation’ broke on Ocean Outdoor’s New Street screen in Birmingham yesterday (May 18) and on the Eat Street Screen at Westfield London from May 20.

Experiential activity will support the campaign with advisors at both out of home locations signposting members of the public on how to register and become a blood donor.

Virtual Blood Donation uses an AR app which is connected to an image on the large format screens featuring an empty blood bag and an ill patient. Visual recognition is used to detect a sticker on a participant’s arm which then overlays an AR needle, plaster and tube onto the participant’s arm.

This triggers the blood bag on the screen to fill up and the virtual donor can watch as the image of the sick patient gradually returns to health (shown above).

It is the first time that an augmented reality app has been used to trigger animation on Ocean Outdoor’s large format screens. The app is hosted on Ocean’s high speed wifi network.

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