maandag 30 mei 2016

Digital Signs Accepting Payments/Donations: How Interactive Content assists with Fundraising.

We focus heavily on the retail customer experience, but let's consider the charity donor's experience for a moment.

Results of fundraising efforts correlate with the charity's mission, advertising/outreach efforts and a donor's emotional connection or appeal to the cause.

Digital signage and billboards have played a role in generating emotional appeal and publicizing charity efforts, but now, much like brick and mortar retailers, they are using digital displays to create immersive visual experiences that stimulate the drive to donate. Because these displays accept payments, the deployments also add to the convenience factor.

Do you anticipate card payments via digital signage in retail or will NFC interactivity and mobile payments reduce the need for the swipe at the signage? In this case (see video below), the swipe initiates the interactive content.

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