vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Digital Signage at Olympic Museum Lillehammer

source; www.avnetwork.com

Until relatively recently, museums– especially art museums– have been slow to experiment with digital technology to create more immersive, memorable, and collaborative experiences for their visitors. Museums are made memorable not just by the knowledge they impart, but by how that knowledge is presented and made interesting to the many generations that come through their doors. In today’s museum landscape that increasingly involves interactive AV and digital signage. The recently opened Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer is a great showcase for adventurous video installations, curated exhibits of cultural and historic artefacts and Olympic memorabilia– and features some new generation pixel mapping. Officially opened by none other than the H.M Queen of Norway at a ceremony last February, the Museum’s technology centerpiece is the Lysgaardsbakkene– roughly translated as "Jump Hills”. The exhibit is made up of a large-scale circular raised-platform interactive model measuring 3.5 meters in diameter, depicting the Olympic jump hills. Local systems integrator Bright Norway achieved an interactive presentation with pixel mapping, using AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Raw uncompressed 4K media servers and Wings VIOSO calibration software to manage and warp native video content across 4 edge-blended projectors. Bright Norway was also responsible for multimedia and presentation equipment for large-scale video projections throughout the Museum. All multimedia content was created by Centre Screen, London and all exhibit areas designed by Mather & Co.

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