maandag 19 september 2016

Cledis LED display technology ready for B2B by 2017, says Sony.

After it showcased its “Cledis” LED display technology at InfoComm 2016, Sony announced plans to release the technology early next year, offering a modular approach to the construction of wall-sized LED displays of high brightness and contrast ratio.

By combining multiple ZRD-1 base units, each measuring 403x453mm with a pixel count of 360×320, large B-to-B applications can be designed for digital signage, public viewing or showroom displays. 12×3 units will make a 200-inch display with 3,840×1,080 pixels on a 4.8×1.4m 2viewing area. The wall display boasts a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, with colour gamut about 140% of the sRGB color space and brightness up to 1,000cd/m 2 across almost 180° of viewing angle, while only drawing 200W at maximum brightness, claims Sony.

Sony justifies the high contrast ratio of its ZRD-1 module thanks to its unique design with RGB pixels as small as 0.003mm 2 and placed apart so as to increase the ratio of black on the entire screen to 99% or higher (this compares with conventional LED displays made by mounting red, green and blue LED chips in a surface-mounted SMD package with a typical black occupancy of 30 to 40%).

One way Sony found to increase the mounting efficiency of LED chips seems to be through the use of sub-assemblies consisting of 120 (vertical) x 80 (horizontal) Ultrafine LEDs, the ZRD-1 base module being itself an assembly of three by four such sub-assemblies.

The company is further developing the technology to possibly support 3D displays, curved screens, and high dynamic range.

Source: EE Times/ By: Julien Happich

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