maandag 26 september 2016

Media-Screen-Matrix - Flexi-Roll Thin-Film, transparent. Any Size.

A Flexi-Roll Thin-Film LED Screen what we call a "Media-Screen-Matrix":

For XXXL-Media Facades. For Light-emitting Wallpaper and Ceiling. Digitalised Blow-up-Banner, onto Glass-Fa├žade, onto Highriser, onto Zeppelins, or onto Hot-Air-Balloons: For any XXXL-LED-Screens and planar Lightening. Inside. Outside. IP67 and B1,

Rollable. LED. XXXL. Wafer-thin, Reel-to-Reel, light, endless, easy to install, cost efficient, universally applicable, and chystal clear. Thin-Film Media Screen Matrix on PET-Substrat. Weight of only 0,25 KG per m². Patented Innovation. Highend Digital Signware.

IP67 and B1. The Media and Advertising Industry has been wanting this for a long time. Media Screen Matrix opens-up many possibilities that could not be reached before: Flexible, to be bent, formed, and cut like you want to! Innovative! Different! Unique. Easy and fast to install XXXL-LED-Screens: Roll-it-up-LED-Screens in XXXL format!

Onto any Surface. A Digital Branding and Advertising Product in XXXL format that is much more than just Cost Effective. Highend Digital Signage & Screens. A new Dimension of digital LED-Screens.

Made by and Obviously Innovative, Patent Pending, Made in Germany.

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