donderdag 8 september 2016

Weekend Festival 2016 Stockholm.

WKND is the biggest festival brand in Northern Europe with massive production and over 50 world class DJ’s performing every year. This year’s edition “The Year of the Tiger” happened on 5th and 6th of August 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a huge success. Visual Solutions carried out all video preproduction and on-site LED engineering for Litecom (Sweden) and VER. Michael Stroobants (Visual Solutions) took the lead of this and combined a crew from within Europe. Mainstage:
– 580 * BR15 LED Panels, all custom mapped over 6 different screens.
    Including a mainscreen of 70sqm and a dj-riser of 39m wide and 2m high!
– Load-in time 1 day, Load-out : 4h

Future stage:
– 98 * BR15 LED Panels
– Building time 1/2 day, Load-out 2h!


– Micha Stroobants (Crew Chief – preproduction manager)
– Tim Lerat (LED-Engineer)
– Justin Catita (LED-Engineer)
– Daniel Saove (LED-Engineer)
– Tom Prew (LED-Engineer)
– Pete Finn (LED-Engineer)

>Video Equipment Rentals Europe
Content and Servers: Visual-Bandit

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