woensdag 30 november 2016

AquaRio 2016

South America's Largest Aquarium Opens with YDreams Global as its Immersive Augmented Reality Technology Partner.

The new AquaRio, which opened in Rio de Janeiro in November 2016, gives visitors the opportunity to have fun with a series of interactive activities developed by YDreams Global. At the Virtual Aquarium, visitors are invited to create their own fish by customizing their color and shape and finally naming their new friend. The experience goes through all the route since with the RFID technology the visitor will be able to see its fish in other screens by the ride.

Another attraction not to be missed is the possibility of the visitor to see in their own hands the body, bones and internal organs of some species using augmented reality.

More detailed explanations on the characteristics and curiosities of the oceans can be checked in interactive videowalls, as well as addressing issues of sustainability and ecology.

In addition, YDreams has also created a series of interactive activities that support the business and help the operation of AquaRio Marinho in Rio de Janeiro, such as route localization guides, digital signage and ticket office with dynamic information on tickets and information panels on the Space attractions.

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